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Universal Sequencing Technology

TELL-Seq™ Library Prep Kit HT96, RUO

TELL-Seq™ Library Prep Kit HT96, RUO

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110007 TELL-Seq™ Library Prep Kit HT96, RUO includes:

  • 100037 TELL-Seq™ Library Reagent Box 1 HT24 V1, RUO (x4)
  • 100038 TELL-Seq™ Library Reagent Box 2 HT24 V1, RUO (x4)
  • 100043 TELL-Seq™ Library Multiplex Primer C-series (1-96) Plate, RUO
  • 100013 TELL-Seq™ Illumina Sequencing Primer Kit HT, RUO 

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TELL-Seq™ products are shipped in an insulated shipping box with cold packs to maintain shipping temperature between -10°C+10°C.

US orders are shipped using the next day delivery service. International orders are shipped using the fastest method possible. The shipping temperature inside the shipping box is guaranteed for up to 9 days for international shipments.

Upon receipt of your order, carefully check the product label for specified storage temperature. Place products in their respective storage temperatures such as +4°C+8°C refrigerated or -15°C-25°C frozen.

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