• Our Mission

    Our mission is to advance DNA sequencing technologies for everyone through innovation.

  • Who We Are

    Universal Sequencing Technology (UST), based in Carlsbad (CA), is an innovative biotechnology company that develops and commercializes disruptive next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions with a proven track record of success in the genomics space.

    Founded in 2015, UST introduced TELL-Seq™ worldwide in 2019 to bring advanced ultra-long-linked-read technology to short read sequencers and researchers everywhere and continues to develop advanced technologies for the genomics industry.

    Our proven technology enables short-read sequencers to produce ultra-long-range results (200kb or more) for diploid genomes of virtually any size (microbial, plant, animal, human, etc.) and for applications including de novo sequencing, metagenomics, whole-genome phasing, structural variation detection, phased whole-exome sequencing, and targeted sequencing.

    The results are proven to be accurate and require very little DNA input (0.1 – 0.5 ng for bacteria and targeted gene panels, 3 – 5 ng for the human genepanels). A sequencing-ready library can be prepared in 3 hours or less. With a co-marketing and co-development relationship with Illumina signed in 2021, the TELL-Seq™ technology is a valuable tool for genomics research and is commercially available.