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AmpliDrop Single Cell RNA-Seq Kit

Low Cost Implementation

Economical Reagents

User-Friendly & Scalable Workflow

Efficient Cell Sequencing with Fewer Reads

  • Robust Cell Proportion Preservation During Library Preparation

  • Data source: Comparing cell numbers from an automated cell counter and after library prep using a staggered 4-cell line mock mixture: 1k, 5k, and 10k cells (UST R&D team)

  • Efficient Cell Sequencing with Fewer Reads

  • Data source: Subsampling sequencing reads from the same library and comparing clustering structures and expression of gene markers. Actual results from an AmpliDropTM user.

  • Data Reproducibility

  • Data source: Comparing libraries generated by different operators, from different samples, and at different time
    (UST R&D team)